Red is a 15 year old trainer (16 in Black and White)

He has all the badges and aims to become stronger, in Epic adventures he is seen catching and befriending legendary pokemon showing his exellent skills he is now in Unova ready to become stronger.

Pikachu Red's most powerful pokemon and the main powerhouse of his team armed with attacks like iron tail and volt tackle
Rotom One of Red's lesser known Pokemon with attacks like ominous wind, it is quite powerful
Dialga Red befriended this Dialga after it defeated a palkia and regularly uses its roar of time as a combination with volt tackle
Giratina Giratina is extremly powerful, Red uses it so that he may plan stealthy sneak attacks on enemies
Snivy Snivy is going to be given to Red by professor Juniper as his Unova starter pokemon
Zorua Zorua is going to be found by Red on his way to Straiton city