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Pokemon Black and White Adventures is a new series that aired on the 30th of June 2011. It is the second pokemon series on popoflames' channel airing after Pokemon Epic Adventures.

This series follows Red's Unova journey with a new partner a female named White, Red will continue to keep Pikachu on his team and will get more Pokemon these Pokemon are Snivy, Zorua and more his friend White will start with an Oshawott which is aggressive to anyone who gets too close to its trainer.

Returning characters will be Ace and Frankee who will get a Tepig and Fraxure respectively.

Red will also keep his Pikachu and Giratina which won't be used frequently during the series to avoid battles getting repetitive and decisively won with over powered Pokemon.

Here is a list of episodes in order of air date:

Episode 1

White and Oshawott

Synopsis: Red begins his Unova journey and recieves a Snivy, He battles a new trainer named White and defeats her. Air Date: 30th June 2011